Essential nutritional needs for dogs

If you’re a happy pooch owner, you’ve probably wondered whether you should be giving your dog vitamins, a special dog supplement or even a dog probiotic. We’re here today with all the info you need to make an informed decision.

The macro nutrients

Obviously, dogs are carnivores, although [unlike cats] they can also tolerate some veggie matter in their diet. This means protein is critical to their health and wellbeing, though, and dogs should never be eating a diet with less than 22% protein in it, even if they’re being fed dry kibble. Fat is a critical component of a healthy dog diet, too, and around 8%-10% is generally recommended although it can vary by breed.

Dog vitamins and supplementation

Dog vitamin needs are similar to [although not the same as] humans, more so then many other pets. A good balance of copper, zinc, iron, and all the critical Vitamins [A, Bs, C, D, E and Thiamine] are critical. If you are not satisfied with the diet your dog is currently receiving, you can use a dog supplement to boost their key vitamin and mineral intake. Dog supplements can also be incredibly useful for dogs with health conditions such as itchy coats or dry skin, as well as aging dogs looking to support their joints. A dog probiotic is a very useful supplement to help rebalance the stomach flora and help keep Fido’s happy digestive system working as it should. If your pup is prone to a tricky tummy, or if you are changing food brands, a good probiotic can be a gift to help them recover fast. Aging dogs also benefit from the additional digestive support. See more.

Special needs dogs

Aging dogs need to eat a little differently from their younger companions Your dog isn’t growing in this phase of life, but they still need high quality dietary support to help keep them on their toes and playing. Typically, you will need to pay careful attention to the digestive support in an older dog’s diet, alongside reducing arthritic inflammation of their joints.

Balanced diet for dogs

Overweight dogs need you to strike a key balance in their diet. They need to be receiving the correct amount [in a calorie deficit] to prevent overeating, yet that same amount needs to not only promote weight loss but ensure they remain healthy throughout their weight loss journey. A dog vitamin can help you ensure your pooch is still receiving everything they need to stay healthy and happy, even while consuming a lighter food.

Feed your puppy a suitable diet

Growing dogs have vastly different nutritional needs, as they need to receive the extra protein to grow and thrive. Make sure to feed your young growing pup a suitable puppy diet, paying attention to receiving enough protein, calcium and fat to help them build their muscles and bones.

The essential nutritional needs of your dog will vary by breed and age, and it’s critical your dog receives the best quality food possible. You can consider using an appropriate dog supplement to address specific concerns, a dog probiotic to help keep their digestive system happy and balanced, or even a dog vitamin to bolster their health- but remember, their primary nutrition should come from a good diet. Check out this:

healthy dogs

Why Your Dog Should Eat Dog Vitamins

Do you also take vitamins? Then your pet must also do! Does your pet dog constantly eat what’s proper foods to take and will get the needed nutrition? Is your puppy experiencing a well being condition and need sustenance and need wholesome help for mending? Feel befuddled by the sustenance supplements that are available for pets? The following are a few reasons why your puppy ought to eat pooch vitamins.

Only recently have people realized the importance of giving vitamins to dogs. It makes perfect sense. Even with the healthiest dog food, most dogs will still need a boost of nutrition. This is especially true for dogs with health problems.

One particular dog vitamin company, Nuvet labs, has a large list of common dog ailments that their vitamins will help alleviate and they also have a long list of testimonials to back it up.

It is clear that the key to having a healthy happy dog is lots of love and attention, good dog food, and a daily dose of vitamins.

People are slowly catching up and realizing the importance of health and nutrition for their pets. I am surprised it has taken this long, but many people have come to understand that if they keep their dog healthy, they will save a lot of money on vet bills.

People once thought that spending extra money on dog supplements was crazy, but now bags are reaching the $75 range and they have no trouble selling them. But why? It is simply because a healthy dog will live longer and have fewer health problems.

But how can a dog get proper nutrition by eating the same thing every day for the rest of their lives? Imagine of humans had to eat processed kibble every day for eternity—not likely. So why it is that dogs do? Even funnier is the fact that humans eat a variety of foods on a daily basis and still take vitamins to ensure we are getting all the proper nutrients.

healthy dogsIf your dog is having joint problems, a mixture of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate is a great product to start with for joint and tissue rehabilitation. Chondroitin lubricates the joints while glucosamine helps grow and repair joint tissue. Glucosamine has been clinically proven to not only act to inhibit the progress of arthritis, indeed, even critically it will really start the way toward restoring and switching the harm that has just been finished. Regardless of the possibility that your pet does not yet have joint inflammation, the glucosamine can be utilized as a preventive measure that will diminish the probability your pet will ever need to experience the ill effects of this crippling illness. There are number of puppy groups that utilization this sort of recipe as a deterrent measure against wounds and to keep their pooches in top condition. visit us on

You may wish to consider supplementing your pet’s diet with high grade organic holistic vitamins. Check the labels to make sure that your dog vitamins has only the best and highest quality of natural ingredients, harmless ingredients and or fillers, there’s no pesticides, sugar, yeast, sugar, artificial flavors, any colors and or pesticides.…


Dog Vitamins – A Healthy Vitamin Supplement for Dogs

Dogs are deserving of our appreciation and care. Just like human beings need good food with vitamin supplements to be healthy and strong, our dogs also need good nutrition including vitamins and minerals. Various dog food companies have been advertising their inclusion of dog supplements for good health. With the recent scares of bad dog food from foreign sources, pet owners have been cautious and naturally want to be certain that the food they provide will promote good health.

With the increased awareness that people have when it comes to the health of their dogs, it makes sense that dog vitamins are selling so well, but it is important for you, as a dog owner, to ensure you get the right vitamins for your dog. In this article, I will discuss two popular supplements for dogs, but first let’s look at why they are important in addition to quality dog food.

How can a dog get more vitamins?

One way is with dog vitamins. Nuvet labs is one company that makes multivitamins for all dogs. These kind of multivitamins are made with human quality foods and cold pressed, which maximizes the vitamin count in each wafer. The multivitamins will help dogs with allergy problems, skin and coat problems, joint problems and more. Another great product from Nuvet is Nujoint Plus. This supplement will help dogs suffering from joint pain and arthritis.

It is important that you select a dog vitamin that is high in quality. Low-quality vitamins will not be made with the same process and may not provide as much nutrition as the top quality brands. It is also a good idea to go with an all-natural dog vitamin and not the chemical kind. You can tell if the vitamins are chemical based if they come in a white pill. see more info coming from

Why does dogs need vitamins?

dogsLooking back those days when pet owners just simply give on their pets just enough scoops of food for their dog in a day and that was enough, but now people know that dry dog food is not enough. Many veterinarians may agree that there are plenty of common health issues in some of our dogs that are somewhat connected to their dog’s diet. Problems such as coat problems, allergies, and especially digestive problems can all be traced back to poor diet. So, what is dog food missing?

Most dry dog food is made with low-grade ingredients that do not contain quality vitamins and nutrients. If that is not bad enough they then add a bunch of fillers to the food. Fillers are ingredients that a dog cannot digest or are not normal for a dog to eat, ingredients like corn, wheat, and soy. read more here!

Even the best dog foods with human-grade ingredients still cannot deliver what dog vitamins can for one simple reason. Pet food is made with high heat to bake the food and sterilize the food. This high heat greatly diminishes the vitamins in the food used to make the kibble.…


Does High Quality Dog Food Replace Dog Vitamins?

Why does nutrition matter?

A dog’s probiotic for nutrition and diet is directly related health problems and energy. Dogs that have a poor diet will have less energy, resulting in less exercise, poor digestive systems, and weaker immune systems. This will ultimately result in more trips to the vet and more money out of your pocket

Is healthy dog food enough?

Quality dog food is the first step in giving your dog the best nutrition but it is not enough. Most dog food is made with low-grade ingredients and lots of filler. Even the best brands that do use human-grade ingredients still need to use heat to bake and process the food. Using heat in the preparation process will cause the ingredients to lose a lot of the vitamins that they had. This means that your dog may not get the nutrients it needs.

People want to give their dogs the best life they can; that is part of the joy of owning a dog. Your dog is like a child. You have to love it, care for it, and feed it. You also get great satisfaction when you see the happiness in your dog’s eyes and the joy in every tail wag.

Part of making a dog healthy and happy is giving him the best nutrition you can. After all, you are the sole provider for your dog and you are the only one who decides their diet. If a dog needs more protein he does not have the option of going to the store and buying a better dog food! For this reason it is important that you give the best nutrition to your dog from the very start.

How dog vitamins help

There are many opinions about dog food, in terms of what is good and what is bad. The media often provides us with huge amounts of advertising regarding just what is best for our pets. However, do they really have our dogs as top priority or do they have their own bottom line as their priority? You decide after this brief review.

petQuality dog vitamins will help give your dog the missing vitamins and nutrients and contain ingredients that help boost a dog’s immune system while promoting muscle and skeletal system development. Nuvet vitamins are made without any heating process, which means the vitamins contain the most nutrients possible.

Our dogs are our special friends, our companions. They rely on us to provide them with a loving home where they can feed safe and they can get the best care we can afford. To do this, we need to feed them good food. get full info on

I feel that I am purchasing something good for my dog supplements and I don’t take the time to read the ingredients because the slogans wouldn’t lie. I feel I am an educated shopper because I have seen the ads in magazines or on TV. Most of the time, however, these supermarket specials are not the high quality dog food we are lead to believe they are and we should take the time to understand just what the ingredients really are.…