protect wildlifeOver the the past centuries humans have dominated the earth. Building cities and roads. domesticating wolves overtime making them into dogs. We have done a lot for ourselves but have done little in return for the earth or mother nature, or the creatures within it compared to what we do for ourselves. I am aware that their are many organizations and squirrel removal denver companies out there that do all they can to help better the planet and the animals on it yet there are still many who see no trouble into either hunting animals for sport of just pure cruelty.

There are several cases were farmers or average people would gladly got out and kill creatures such as wolves, raccoons and bobcats because they are either seen as pest or they simple do it out of sport. There are cases where the argument for such actions are that these creatures are simply becoming overpopulated and people think that shooting them down is the best way to solve the issue, same logic goes for stray animals. There are more human ways to handle such issues without resorting to such barbaric ways. Humane removal should be the number one solution, for all creature.

No matter how troublesome some people may think creatures like wolves, eagles or even a creature like a rat or a bat may be there needs to be a civil reasonable way to solve the issue. Organizations are doing well with aiding wildlife but there needs to be more, More people should get involved one way or another to aid these creatures. Donations and funds are always a good way to go or online petitions. Online petitions can make a difference, going to sites like force change or care2.com can really help make a big impact and give attention to such an issue. The petitions range from aiding endangered species such as tigers to something like humane bat removal. Something as seemingly small as an online petition can help change the world and the creatures in it.

Animals are not criminals, they merely wish to live and be free as we all do. They are just doing what they feel is natural, be it attacking livestock or making their home on someone’s property. Though people have reason to get upset toward such actions, one should not resort to violence. Calling animal control or simply talking things over a mayor or some form of government official that is capable of properly handling such situations is a much better alternative. The best course of action is to perhaps spend time and money in making a preserve for animals that get to close and comfy towards one’s home.

protect wildlifeA preserve or simply relocation of the animals seems to be the most humane solution. The main problem is people build homes and highways much to close to forests and this can be a major problem to not just the animal but people themselves. There are several cases over deer and raccoons being run over by vehicles, it has almost become the norm in this day and age. However, people continue on to build and build endangering the animals and their natural habitats as well as the people intruding on them.